Skyrocket Kennel – Hongarije

We met the owner of the Skyrocket Kennel, Nikoletta Varga, in december 2006 at the Winner Amsterdam, fell in love with the late Mayflower ‘Csipke’ of Skyrocket and promised ourself to own once a Skyrocket Vizsla. In 2009 we got the opportunity to buy Quatro of Skyrocket from a Belgium breeder. Our dream came true.

After we got in touch with Niki by mail our coöperation results that we were able to import for other clients: Xavéria, Zserbö, Zsivány, Avar, Apostol, Antastasija and Alfonz of Skyrocket.

In december 2011 we renewed our acquaintance again at the Amsterdam Winner.

Our Latvian partner Beata Soloveja was able to import Best and Bilan of Skyrocket this year.

We are certain that the Vizsla breed in Western Europe will benefit from these superb dogs and that the future has more to reveal.

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