Outstanding Litter born 21-08-2017.

Outstanding litter born 21-08-2017

Bereta Danitty ‘Csipke’ x Dante z Chejlavských lesů

5 males & 4 females ; no puppies available.
Reservation required: info@vadaszpajtas.nl

Announcement Csipke x Dante 02

puppy reservation required : info@vadaszpajtas.nl

There are 2 livestreams available for watching. There is a indoor livestream, and if the puppies are outside, the outdoor livestream will be available. If none of the links are working, the livestream is or overloaded, or offline.

Update: Because of a router change by my lovely provider Ziggo, the livestream urls have changed. Also there is only 1 url per camera available.

Indoor camera Livestream

Outdoor camera Livestream

Username: Litter ; password: Puppies