Exceptional litters Winter 2018/2019

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Litter born 4th of February 2018.

27604381_10208486714524621_904172341_oLitter born 4th of February 2018.

Father: Karaszy Puszta

[Born Again of Szedresi x Medves Lucky Alma {Imp. HU}]

Mother: Artemidastars Tausaret-Kleopatra ‘Kleo’

[CIE Multi CH Vadászpajtás Alcimus-Leucon ‘Quatro-II’ x Ima Moja Vizsla {Imp. PL}]

4 males & 1 female, only 2 males available

Puppy reservation required – info@vadaszpajtas.nl

Life Stream: http://vadaszpajtas.ddns.net:8181; username: Litter; password: Puppies


Outstanding Litter born 21-08-2017.

Outstanding litter born 21-08-2017

Bereta Danitty ‘Csipke’ x Dante z Chejlavských lesů

5 males & 4 females ; no puppies available.
Reservation required: info@vadaszpajtas.nl

Announcement Csipke x Dante 02

puppy reservation required : info@vadaszpajtas.nl

There are 2 livestreams available for watching. There is a indoor livestream, and if the puppies are outside, the outdoor livestream will be available. If none of the links are working, the livestream is or overloaded, or offline.

Update: Because of a router change by my lovely provider Ziggo, the livestream urls have changed. Also there is only 1 url per camera available.

Indoor camera Livestream

Outdoor camera Livestream

Username: Litter ; password: Puppies

Outstanding litter born 29th of March 2017

Sony+Kirra3 boys and 7 girls; no puppies available.

p.m. info@vadaszpajtas.nl

There are 6 livestreams available for watching. The indoor and outdoor streams are all the same. Please try another stream if a livestream is not working properly. If all the streams fail, the livestream is or overloaded, or offline.

Update: We have a brandnew camera for indoors, the other (previous) camera is only available when the puppies are outside.

Indoor camera Livestream 01

Indoor camera Livestream 02

Indoor camera Livestream 03

Outdoor camera Livestream 01

Outdoor camera Livestream 02

Outdoor camera Livestream 03

Username: Litter ; password: Puppies

Two litters 2014.

Two exceptional litters.

NLJCH NLCH Vadászpajtás Alcimus-Leucon “Quatro II”
Dreda z Mešinské hájovny

Born on 15-09-2014: 3 boys & 5 girls



Karaszy Puszta
Vadászpajtás Sterra Lonché

Born 15-08-2014: 3 boys & 4 girls

All pups are to their new owners.




New Litters 2014.

Two outstanding litters were born this winter.

On the 13th of January 2014:

Alfonz of Skyrocket “Radley” x Vadászpajtás Issa-Lycas “Lucca” – 8 wonderful puppies (4/4). Two boys, one girl left for their owners in the NL, one girl to Germany. Two girls and one boy will leave soon for the United Kingdom, South Africa and Canada.

We are looking for a host family for the last and very special boy, Vadászpajtás Augeas-Bremon “Janosz III”. Serious candidates only.

On the 15th of February 2014:

In co-operation with Artemidastars Kennel – Sebastian Kowalewski:

NLJCH Vadászpajtás Alcimus-Leucon “Quatro II x Ima Moja Vizsla – 6 gorgeous puppies (3/3). One girl and one boy left for Poland and Germany, one girl stays in the NL. One girl and one boy will leave soon for Canada and South Africa.

We have  Artemidastars Tausaret-Kleopatra is no longer available.













For information about the 2 available pups


Quatro of Skyrocket 2006-2012

Quatro of Skyrocket 23-10-2006 – 24-07-2012

“No matter how deep my sleep I shall hear you, and not all the power of death can keep my spirit from wagging a grateful tail. ” — Eugene O’Neill

Vale, Quatro.

This afternoon at 5 o’clock our beloved Quatro of Skyrocket deceased. His little lovely body has lost the battle against the inevitable. He slowly left this world and passed away in peace. He was only 5 years and 9 month young and just grandfather of a beautiful litter of 8.

He was so young, so lively, explosive and loyal. His performance in the showring brought a smile on everyones face, disarming and endearing.

I will miss my profound love, sorrowful Angyal.

It is empty and quiet.

Sylvia, Henry & Julius


Pups expected in June 02

Op 10 juni 2012 worden ca. 10 pups verwacht van

Mocht u voor een pup uit deze topcombinatie in aanmerking willen komen neem dan zo spoedig mogelijk contact met ons op. Wij hanteren geen ‘wachtlijst’.

X-ray 30-05-2012

On the 10th of June 2012 10 pups are expected from

If you want to apply for a pup from this topcombination, please contact us as soon as possible.